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The Wellness Clinic at New Boston Village

Services at the Wellness Clinic

An overview of the services we offer at the Wellness Clinic at New Boston Village.

Anti-Aging Nutraceuticals

Many professional skincare treatments address aging, but if you don’t invest in your health, you’ll never target the aging process at its source. At New Boston Village Primary Care in Fall River, MA, we offer different anti-aging nutraceutical products to help patients target the signs of aging from the inside out.

EmSculpt NEO

Most people would like to lose stubborn fat in at least one area, if not several, and improve core strength. Not everyone can spend hours in the gym fine-tuning and strengthening their body, but at New Boston Village Primary Care in Fall River, MA, we offer Emsculpt NEO, a body contouring device that can target stubborn fat while simultaneously building and strengthening muscle groups.


Emsella is a non-invasive, pain-free pelvic floor strengthening treatment for both men and women. Emsella can also deliver vaginal rejuvenation benefits and treat incontinence.


Breakthrough non-invasive technology that effectively treats all of the causes of cellulite.



EMSCULPT NEO can be applied over the abdomen, buttocks, arms & calves.
You can feel intense muscle contractions together with a heating sensation in the treated area which is comparable to hot stone massage.
Each patient’s results may vary but the best time to see the final results is in 3 months after the last treatment.
Emsculpt NEO procedure is simple and easy. There is no pre-preparation required for this procedure. You will lay down while the applicators are applied over the treatment area for 30 minutes. During the treatment you may feel intense yet tolerable heating sensation along with muscle contractions. Once the procedure is completed, you can immediately get back to your daily routine.
There is no downtime with this procedure. You can get back to your daily routine right after the treatment.
No, Emsculpt NEO procedure does not help with weight reduction. The therapy helps reduce your fat and build your muscles.


EMTONE is ideal for anyone looking for the non-invasive cellulite reduction and overall improvement of the skin appearance.

During the first visit, your provider helps design your individual treatment plan. 

Most patients undergo 4 treatments, scheduled once or twice a week. A treatment typically takes about 20 minutes depending on the treated area.

The most common perception of the therapy is being compared to a hot stone massage with intense mechanical vibrations. The treatment is performed in a relaxing lying-down position.
Patients have reported improvements after a single treatment session. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months.
With no downtime you may resume normal activity immediately after the treatment.