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A Beginner’s Guide to Anti-Aging Nutraceuticals

Food and plants have been used for many years to help prevent disease and increase the quality of life through the treatment of illnesses and the prevention of early aging. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, nutraceuticals can promote overall wellness and help slow down the aging process.

At The Wellness Clinic at New Boston Village, we help patients to invest in their health through wellness treatments and products. Rather than only treating signs of aging, we go to the root of aging to give your body what it needs to stay healthy, youthful, and energetic. 

What Are Anti-Aging Nutraceuticals?

“Nutraceutical”, which is a combination of “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical” is a broad term that describes any food-based product that is used with the intention of providing preventative or medicinal benefits. This can include vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, and more. Many plants contain components that can provide anti-aging benefits, but it is often difficult to incorporate enough of these foods into your diet. Nutraceuticals provide benefits that go beyond the basic nutritional needs that your body has.

The health benefits of food can be harnessed and concentrated in a form that helps to prevent illness and premature aging. By using certain nutraceuticals, we can get to the root of aging in your body and help improve your health. We can help your skin to look smooth, youthful, and vibrant, and we can promote optimal wellness.

How Can Nutraceuticals Help With Aging?

They Can Provide Antioxidant Protection

Antioxidants are substances that can protect your body against free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to your cells and tissues and eventually contribute to aging. By incorporating more antioxidants into your lifestyle through the use of nutraceuticals, you can delay aging and improve your overall health.

They Can Improve Skin Health

By supplying your body with essential compounds such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and certain vitamins and minerals, nutraceuticals can help to improve the health of your skin. These products can keep your skin hydrated, promote the production of essential proteins and fibers in the skin, and protect against oxidative damage that can cause premature aging in the skin.

They Can Improve Brain Health

Certain nutraceuticals can contain ingredients that can support memory, concentration, and other cognitive functions. By regularly incorporating these products into your routine, you can reduce inflammation in the brain, improve memory, and protect against certain neurodegenerative diseases. 

They Can Improve Cardiovascular Health

Some of the components in nutraceuticals can help improve your cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation. They can help to lower the risk of certain heart diseases and can reduce inflammation and improve circulation in the body.

They Can Promote Energy and Vitality

As your body ages, you may feel less energetic throughout the day. Nutraceuticals can help to improve your energy levels. These products contain certain ingredients such as vitamin B and green tea extract which can help with sustained energy.

How to Use Nutraceuticals for Anti-Aging

Seek Expert Advice

Any dietary supplement or health regimen should always be supported by a doctor who you trust and who is familiar with your health history and your overall wellness goals. At our practice, we can help guide you to the supplements and lifestyle changes that you need to help support your body and slow down the aging process.

All of our treatments and recommendations begin with an extensive consultation process. If you want to do more to support your health and fight the aging process, you can contact us to set up a consultation and learn more about our nutraceuticals. 

Pair Nutraceuticals With a Healthy Lifestyle

While anti-aging supplements can be essential for helping to fill in the gaps and provide your body with any nutrients it may be lacking, it is essential to pair nutraceuticals with a healthy lifestyle. We will take a look at your diet and overall lifestyle and make recommendations for any changes that can help support you during the aging process. 

Pair Nutraceuticals With Professional Skincare

The combination of anti-aging products that supply necessary nutrients and skin care products that are designed to help fight the signs of aging can be a powerful one. We offer skincare regimens that are customized to meet the needs of your skin type. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or sensitive skin, there are anti-aging skincare products that can help your skin to thrive.

Anti-aging skincare plus nutraceuticals can help reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, promote adequate hydration, target hyperpigmentation, and help refresh dull skin. All of the products that we recommend are professional-grade and can promote visible changes in your skin, especially when paired with proper nutrition.

Our Anti-Aging Nutraceuticals

At our practice, we offer two powerful anti-aging supplements that can help your body to fight the aging process:

  • Rejuvant: Rejuvant is a supplement that can not only help to extend lifespan but can also promote health and wellness during these additional years. Rejuvenate contains ingredients that can help increase energy, improve your mood, slow the aging process, and decrease inflammation. It can lower biological age by as many as eight years.
  • Aethern: Aethern is an anti-aging nutraceutical that helps to improve the health of the skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing acne, and improving many other skin concerns. By consistently using this product alongside a healthy lifestyle, you can achieve healthy and youthful skin.

Customized Anti-Aging Plans in Fall River, MA

If you are looking for anti-aging solutions to improve the health and appearance of your skin, increase your energy, and improve your cognitive and heart health, we can help. Our anti-aging nutraceuticals, skincare products, and tailored wellness services can help you to feel and look more vibrant. Call us today or book an appointment online to find out more about our dietary supplements at The Wellness Clinic at New Boston Village. 

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